Who are we?

    VA as Valentina and MA as Manuel. The collaboration began in 2011 with the first Visual Project in a friend's random party. Since then working with various party organizers in the East London nightlife having as main objective: The Visual Show Expansion.

    Good Djs are a key element for the positive outcome of a party. Vjs represent the add on to the whole musical experience. We work around our customers, we research and develop around the commissioner's various requests whilst we suggest new ways of communication.

    Visuals that aren't merely projections of sequential videos but are instead a synergistic mix of a perceptible show. We have expanded our comfort zone from the 2D representation into the 3D mapping concept. Videos that take stage on physical objects such as blinds, cubes and spheres working as a support to the 2D performance. Transforming the artificial object into an animated one that communicates with the music and its whole audience.

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  • “Working in the fashion biz and as a visual artist in her free time. Vjing for her it's disconnecting and creating a whole new experience. It's interpretation of music, vibes and situations into visible ephemeral language.”

    Valentina Mauro

    Valentina Mauro


  • “Visuals are all over for him. He works as a multimedia designer and continues its passion as a Vj. Based in London and worked for a broad range of commercial, broadcast and corporate international clients.”

    Manuel Panos

    Manuel Panos


What do we do?

    VAMA Visuals are specialised in bespoke content creation, live visuals, custom 3D mapped animations, design and projection mapping, interactive installations...

    Red Bull Revolutions In Sound 2014

    + details

    Back in November VAMA Visuals teamed up with Anomalous Visuals and Red Bull Music Academy as they returned to the EDF Energy London Eye for an epic celebration of UK club culture with Revolutions In Sound.

    All 30 of the Eye’s capsules were separately curated by a legendary club night who brought their original line-up of resident DJs and some superstar guests, including The End, The Haçienda and Bugged Out! through to Fabric, Blitz Club and Boiler Room. Streaming all capsules simultaneously, the event was ground breaking on many levels and showed that dance culture is more successful now than it has ever been.

    At the base of the London Eye another impressive array of DJ’s delighted the 1000 strong ‘silent disco’ dancers, while live feeds from each pod and helicopters circling over the Thames were spliced together by VAMA & AV with our own archive of London club culture and graphic visual wonders.

    More info: redbullrevolutionsinsound.com

    Bacardi Beginnings : Project One 24HR A&R

    + details

    Incredible opportunity for the VAMA crew to work together with one of the world’s leading spirit brand and one of the Britain’s hottest music collective. A cross-disciplinary project that saw the creation and production of a new track and its video…. in just 24h!

    Furthermore we performed with the band at the Old Vic tunnels, closing these amazing 24h with an unbelievable party sponsored by Bacardi. Here some stills from the video fully created by us.

    Check out the 24HR A&R live Performance!

    Rudimental feat. Bipolar Sunshine - Distance

    More info: bacardibeginnings.com/project-one

    Butterflies Origami Installation - Projection mapping

    + details

    This installation sees the usage of the ancient origamivtechnique applied to an oversized butterfly structure. This re-adaptation of the paper folds has been so far the most effective as conveys the full potential of the 3D mapping methods. The inspiration of this piece travels many miles across the Atlantic Ocean into the Monarch sanctuaries of Mexico where this kind of butterfly has been migrating for million years. The sole natural spectacle of these creatures has generated the idea for the piece, which revolves around the absolution of the paper folded butterflies into digital shows of light.

    Origmi - VAMA
    Photon 1.0 - Event organized by VAMA Visuals

    + details

    The Photon project revolves around the theme of visual arts and its continuous expansion as an increasingly recognized multifaceted discipline. Photon 1.0 showcased some of London’s best projection and performance based visual artists, expanding public awareness to the infinite number of possibilities that this medium has to offer.

    The selection of our artists (Junk Beam, Prickimage, Apparati Effimeri, Anomalous Visuals...) was made in order to give a varied view of contemporary products and techniques available in multimedia performance.

    More info: photonproject.net / facebook.com/photonproject

    Origmi - VAMA
    Secret Garden Party 2013 - warming up

    + details

    For this year’s Secret Garden Party, VAMA Visuals together with Anomalous Visuals teamed up with Ethnobling to curate a stage named the ‘Ethnobling-etarium’ in the Rejenr8 tent. A visual creatives dream, the tent is dome shaped and is designed to project 360 degree visuals as part of an immersive experience that has to be witnessed to be believed...

    Last June over 1000 people passed through the doors of the recently renamed Lambeth in Brixton to witness a 12 hour musical and visual extravaganza hosted by Anomalous Visuals in association with VAMA Visuals, Ethnobling and The Secret Garden Party. The event was an incredible success, with many people declaring it to be the start of the great British Summer and a fitting warmup for the main festival itself.

    More info: secretgardenparty.com / anomalousvisuals.co.uk

    Secret Garden Party 2013

    + details

    Definitely one of UK’s best-known summer festivals for the past 5 years.

    Started small but now rocking its last edition with more than 26.000 visitors and 15stages. VAMA Visuals joined the festival in one of the most amazing visual settings seen so far. An impressive 360 degree immersive dome, where we developed an intrepid visual show pushing the boundaries of experimentation and kaleidoscopic effects. After this experience we now want to permanently adopt a dome, simply amazing setting for a visual show.

    More info: secretgardenparty.com / anomalousvisuals.co.uk / rejenr8 dome


    VAMA Visuals is looking into an explosive 2014 full of dates and collaborations. We strive to keep all our pages up to date so that you can follow us around the London nightlife and arts events. WATCH THIS SPACE!

  • 25-28/07/2013 - “Another date to stick on your calendars for this summer 2013.

    SECRET GARDEN PARTY 2013, save the date and you won't be disappointed! A four day VAMA Visuals showcase in one of the most avant-garde setups of the UK festival arena. This spectacular 360 degree immersive visual dome will be the home of a show that can't be missed!”

  • More info here:

    Secret Garden Party 2013

    VAMA @ Secret Garden Party
    Mill Hill Field in Abbots Ripton

    2012 dome installations:Glade 2012

  • 02/03/2013 - "For 2013, as promised, VAMA Visuals opens with a proper kick start: Photon Project. A forward thinking collective of visual artists that believe in the growing power of vjing and all the neighboring disciplines, launching with its first exhibition Photon 1.0.

    The aim of this event is to showcase London's best and make the general public aware about the infinite number of possibilities that this can offer."

  • More info here:

    Photon Project

    Photon Project

    Photon 1.0 - 02 03 2013


  • 02/03/2013 - “Back to where VAMA started! We are happy to be with the ILLUSION SOUND TEAM for this very special occasion.


  • Early bird tickets are still available on residentadvisor.net!!

    More info here:

    Illusion Sound

    VAMA @ Illusion Sound Warehouse


  • 09/02/2013 - “First project of the year! VAMA has joint C-R-U-X, a radical cross-disciplinary collaboration between music, performance and technology.

    Performers and musicians interact with electronic soundscapes provided by the C-R-U-X house band, and explore immersive light/visual environments created by VAMA.”

  • Part 1 : Saturdays Feb 9, 16, 23
    Part 2 : Saturdays Mar 9, 16, 23

    More info here:


    VAMA @ Zero One Gallery

    The Hopkins St. Disturbance

  • 31/12/2012 - “We are glad to anounce that VAMA will be porforming @ Holic NYE 2013 with Mike Huckaby, Kate Simko Live,DJ Steaw & Tomoki Tamura at The Old Truman Brewery Warehouse Space.

    HOLIC is return to The Old Truman Brewery basement warehouse space for a special NYE 18 hours rave with decent Funktion One soundsystem.”

  • Early bird has been sold out and grab 1 st release!!

    More info here:

    Holic NYE 2013

    VAMA @ holic NYE 2013


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